Baby blues

Baby Blues (monologue) by Paola Moretti Characters Siri – a very young Asian woman The stage is in darkness. Music: the Buddhist mantra “Om mani padme hum” sung by Ralf Illenberger or any other rendering capable of creating a similar atmosphere of sadness and nostalgia. The chant fades out as a voice off , hoarse […]

Life according to John Cusack

Life according to John Cusack by Paola Moretti Characters A Woman A Girl John The scene: a yard surrounded by a faded plastic hedge-like fence. A chair, an open deckchair, a child’s paddling pool, a watering can and a broom. Other colourful objects like balls, buckets and spades suggesting that the place is/has been lived […]

Helter Skelter | Geometries of love | Drama

HELTER SKELTER | Geometries of love | Drama by Paola Moretti CHARACTERS Her Sebastien Her is about 35 years old, unkempt and eternally tired, a battered wife and a bored mother. Sebastien is a man of just under forty, mysterious and sexually ambiguous, whose lonely life is cadenced by Sky-TV programmes and a cultish veneration […]

JUDITH – a monologue (“Helen and the others”)

The biblical heroine and her servant, amid clouds of incense and precious silks, folly and rebellion, dazzling fascinating and a thirst for ruthless revenge, cause the downfall of the enemies of Israel.

A STRANGE FOLLY – a one-act play (“It happened in Rome”)

The mythical popess Joan, her life in serious danger, tells a stunned young doctor the story of her life, that of a brilliant young woman bent on winning the right to study and assert herself as a person. Posing as a man, her dazzling career is seriously jeopardised by pregnancy. Despite the doctor’s desperate attempt to save her, Joan and her baby are lynched savagely by the Roman mob.

The Sedan Chair

Set in an undefined period between the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries, this play features two servants obliged to carry their despotic and cruel master about in a curtained sedan chair. Weary of their thankless, excruciating job they decide to rid themselves of His Excellency by throwing him into a gully. After a short period of freedom and boredom, unable to deal with this glut of happiness, they go in search of a new master.

SHOEMBRUNN DAMEN – a monologue

Cristine is caretaker of the women’s toilets at Schönbrunn palace. She is exacting, meticulous, and a maniac for cleanliness. On the other hand, the new caretaker of the men’s toilets is the complete opposite: dirty, vulgar, out to get what he wants. And yet, Cristine, due to a misunderstanding, believes that he is in love with her. But fate has many unpleasant surprises in store for both of them.

THE CROSS-STREAM DAYS – a two-act play

THE CROSS-STREAM DAYS a two-act play The facts and characters portrayed here are based on events regarding early twentieth-century Parmesan tradunionism and centres on the extraordinary work of the mythical Father Lino Maupas, who devoted himself totally to the cause of outcasts and the oppressed.